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With the participation of students, parents, pastors, volunteers, members of the Joel team, and members of Lutheran Church (Mr. Kenneth Peterson and Pastor Alejandro Lopez) we prepared a series of testimonial videos to share their impressions of “What does the Bible means to me?” We have complemented with the presentation of animated biblical films, contests and practical tasks that reinforce the Values learned. Inviting them to participate in this great adventure of sending their words about the Bible is a complement that helps the integral work of training in Values.

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Students from several schools and the Loma Coba community presented a short speech on the main topics related to The Lutheran Reformation. Teacher Griselda Aguilar and Mauricio Miranda, from the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, were part of the jury. The excellent preparation and dedication of the children stood out in each of the speeches.


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On Thursday, October 28, we met with the members of the Pastoral Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Panama. This meeting highlights what will be the participation of LHM/CPTLN (Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones) in the planting of this new church. In principle, LHM/CPTLN will be contributing booklets on different topics, Bibles and the children's books Garden of Biblical Stories, from the Lutheran Heritage Foundation.





On Saturday, October 23, through the Zoom platform, LHM ministry center in Panama held the "Strategies to manage my emotions" Workshop. With great interest in the orientations, fifty-five people attended the workshop and actively participated with their questions and comments. Despite the inconveniences caused by fluctuations in the internet connection, we were able to present the prepared material; the participants received complete information on the topic of managing emotions. One of the positive comments we received was Ms. Sheyla’s. She wrote these guidelines were very appropriate to the situation she was facing, those were God's answer to her prayers, and LHM ministry center in Panama was the instrument to respond her requests.

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During the Breast Cancer Prevention campaign, several people left their words of encouragement or brief testimonies about this fight in one of the Instagram posts. “I am a cancer patient, I always cry out to God. GOD IS FAITHFUL always answers me” - “You feel the floor sinking. All hopes and illusions are gone, at that moment when they give you the news. One has to assimilate the news to seek refuge in God who is hope. The worst thing we can do is feel sorry for ourselves, we have to scold ourselves, so as not to fall into depression that does”, are samples of these testimonies. We thank God for allowing us to be a way to share guidance and his Word of comfort with those who are facing this diagnosis.



A valuable resource for spreading the work carried out by LHM Panama ministry center is the Conectando Newsletter, a quarterly news compendium that we produce in Spanish and English. This document is shared as a digital and online document, with our Church brothers/sisters and Lutheran organizations, friends, donors, volunteers, LHM and work teams in the region, as well as with the public. The Conectando Newsletter is hosted on the Spanish blog, on the English website, on the online platform Issuu Publications, social medias and by email.





After almost two years without carrying out face-to-face activities due to confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we participated in the Mental Health Promotion Fair, on Tuesday, October 12 at the facilities of the Mayor's Office of Panama. LHM ministry center in Panama and twelve other entities, member of the Intersectoral Mental Health Network, shared important guidelines to help people understand and pay attention to different situations in daily life that affect their emotional well-being. Approximately 100 people, who visited our booth, received a kit with materials on anger management and comfort for the suffering.

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With the use of crafts, we motivate a group of children to know what means Solidarity. We emphasize the teachings of sharing and helping. With the support of volunteer teachers, students made the Heart Craft and the Service Craft. Through WhatsApp, we share the instructions and the guide models, so that they can later carry them out with the students. With this activity we reinforce the values learned and how to apply them in a practical way in life; in this case, make the children more sensitive to love and share with those who are going through some need.

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We present the topic Christian Values and Disability, developed by Professor José Arcia. We used WhatsApp to distribute this topic to parents, teachers and volunteers who work in the education of people with disabilities, to raise awareness and collaboration with those who are dedicated to the arduous task of educating a child with limitations. This was a wonderful opportunity to promote Bible-based values. Professor Arcia, blind, is Project Joel’s volunteer and a computer science professor at the Institute for Special Habilitation (IPHE).

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Diana's Testimony

Diana, a student, culminates this year her time of social work collaborating in social tasks, in readings for children, in handling the puppets of El Clan de Memo and in a play commemorating the Month of the Bible. Diana is part of the volunteer that carries out her social work (a requirement for the completion of high school studies) with Project Joel.


“Through Bible studies, comprehensive reading assignments, devotions, and developing my social work, I have learned to value spiritual things more. God has become a reality for me, especially in these recent 2 years of pandemic, where I finish my high school studies. Together with my family, we have been praying for the needs and conflicts of these days of pandemic and we have seen how the Lord has been our comfort and sustainer. For that, I give thanks. I have matured a lot and I can say that in Jesus I am a new creature. God has blessed me and my family”, says Diana.

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