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Sharing a Message of Hope with people and a guide in its approach

to the Word of God and to the churches.






Pastors Rafael Voigt and Patricio Mora, Deaconess Griselda Aguilar and the team from the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church received the students from the Loma Coba School. The students built The Tree of Life, which consists of drawing a large tree and little by little cut out and paint various elements which  represents something that is part of the child's life (values, family, dangers and risks, and the Christian faith).



As part of the joint work and support to the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, we lend our facilities for the realization of 4 divine cults. This was due to the repair work on the roof of the church and that they had the opportunity to continue gathering in worship. We thank God for the opportunity to support them in these special activities.





During the school vacation time, we work together with the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, represented by Pastor Patricio Mora and teacher Griselda Aguilar which a special activity for the children of the community. With a strategy that included a film presentation, dramatizations, songs, games and many prizes, we reinforced what we learned in Sunday School about Biblical Values.


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During the most difficult months of the pandemic, we are inclined to use all available means to continue carrying the Gospel In this sense, the Courses and Biblical Studies have captured interest, growing beyond what we usually handle; in particular, the Biblical Study on The Apocalypse. “Thanks and blessings you deserve for helping us to be instructed in the knowledge of many things that, even at my age, I did not know. Honor and thanks be to God for giving us this opportunity to learn more each day the truth of his Word that sets us free... God bless you always...” shares Mr. Morton, one of the students. All Glory and Honor to Almighty God.



Social medias became a valuable tool for teaching and sharing. Teachers, parents and students were able to follow up on the teaching and training in Values through the Zoom platform, and the social networks of Facebook, YouTube, and the WhatsApp messaging application. During the month of June we presented the talk Educating in Values, where we highlight the importance of not only teaching about Values, but also of really living them in our lives. We have twenty teachers who are involved in monitoring tasks in the schools, on behalf of Project Joel.



Through coloring images and illustrations, we distribute with our contact lists the message that highlights the Value of the Family. In these times when the principles and values of the family are so much debated and attacked, this campaign promotes Biblical values, and which is, in turn, shared by teachers, parents, social workers and students.





As part of the Mental Health Network, LHM Panama participated in a Health Fair at the Omar Recreational Park, which was organized by the Social Security Fund, as part of its health promotion activities. At this fair, held on June 24, we shared with the attendees the booklet Combined Families, which deals with orientation and family strengthening. We attended one hundred people, including students from a school near the place where the fair was held, who received our material with great pleasure and interest.




Sixth grade students from the Pedro J. Sosa Elementary School participated in the talk Dream and Fly, as part of the My Project of Life strategy, which introduces these preadolescents to the world of emotions, values, physical development, and short-term and long-term goals, within the context of Biblical values. This will be the first stop in a series of presentations at three schools, all to sixth graders.



On Tuesday, June 7, we presented the talk on Environmental Care at the Hemodialysis Unit in the San Miguelito area. This activity was carried out within the framework of World Environment Day and a group of forty patients, who attend their dialysis treatments, participated. We have the voluntary support of Mgtr. Félix Rodríguez, who highlighted the importance of caring for the four large areas or spheres that make up the environment, including: water, air, land and living beings.  At the end, we exhort the participants to take care of this beautiful creation that the Lord gave us so that we could live in it.

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Ian's Testimony

Ian is a fourth grade student who, along with his mother Inés, has been actively involved in our program, participating in parades, social tours and interactive activities. At his request we develop activities in the school where he attends, San Pablo Bilingual School. Ian has collected toys on Red Boots tours, he is part of El Clan de Memo, and this month he has led the reading comprehension of the book Garden of Bible Stories, bringing reading not only to his classroom but to groups of first and second grades.


“I love being taken into account, and I love helping others. God blesses us all when we do what is his will, I have learned that in the readings, videos and lessons, which I like so much and that now I can share them”, Ian tells us.

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